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Is it time to rethink how you are doing your HR?

Are there ways of doing it better but you're not sure where to start?

TAP Strategy & HR Consulting drives organizational change
to help your business succeed.

While HR needs and challenges can transcend any type of business, there is a difference between solutions that work in a

small business versus a not-for-profit, or for that matter, government.

As a boutique consulting firm, we create solutions that work for your business, no matter how unique or complex it may be.


Why TAP Strategy & HR Consulting

TAP into our expertise. TAP into your success.


Wealth of Experience

Custom-tailored solutions

Leverage our team of certified and experienced HR professionals with extensive knowledge and specialties in a wide range of HR topics.

If its HR you are looking for - we've got you.

Experience our boutique-style or packaged services. We offer a wide range of services and solutions aimed at helping your business succeed, no matter your business type, maturity, size, or sector. 


Comprehensive support

Lasting Relationships

No matter the type of services you are seeking - guidance and advice, solving a problem, creating solutions, policies, compliance, tools, training, an HR workplan - work with certified and experienced professionals who partner with you to achieve your goals.

Clients come to us because we care about your success. In our 16 years of business we continue to foster long lasting relationships with our clients, most of whom easily refer us to their colleagues and networks.


Successfully Submitted!


Get the guidance and tools your organization needs to succeed.


HR Programs and


We offer a wide range of end-to-end HR services and support to meet your specific needs, provided by trained and experienced HR professionals.

Whether you are seeking support with a single project or looking to partner with us to help you with a variety of needs near or long-term, we can craft a solution that works for your business.

Going Over Plans

Organizational Design,

Strategy + Workforce Planning

Organizations of any size need to plan for the future. It shouldn’t matter if you are a small medical office, a construction firm, not for profit, hospital, or government agency – knowing where you are going and how you are planning to get there is a critical element towards achieving success.


YOUR Essential HR Toolkit

We’ve put together three different toolkits to match your needs and your budget. The packages bundle over-the-phone support hours together with some of the most sought-after tools employers are asking for – policies, offer letters, termination letters, forms, and “how to” Blueprints to help you demystify and accomplish a variety of important HR functions, among others.


What you can expect

We adjust our process based on the custom needs of your business. We provide as little or as much support needed to ensure your business gets everything 

it needs to accomplish the set out goals.



A member of our team meets to determine your business needs, listening to your organization's challenges and goals.


Problem Solving

We work with you to develop a proposal or estimate with a comprehensive workplan so you know what to expect.



Work with our team and consultant partners to resolve your challenges and upgrade your HR.

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At TAP Stategy, our focus is always on building strong and lasting relationships with clients.

Business owners and leaders depend on TAP Strategy's team of specialists to provide them with the best advice, guidance, tools, and support that are scalable, and stand the test of time.  Growth comes natural at TAP Strategy, through returning clients and referrals, ensuring that each client experiences personalized support from trusted professionals who get to know them and their business.


"Our success is about our client's success", states Bruce, reflecting back on why more than 80% of our clients have stayed with us over time.  "Clients are often referred to us or seek us out to solve their business challenges, staying with us for years and reaching out from time to time to help them achieve their next level of success - it's more of a partnership than anything else".



"Personalized and professional, TAP Strategy & HR Consulting's approach helped in developing a healthy and trustworthy relationship between our two organizations to the point they became our favourite and only reference for HR Consulting services."

Mourad Mohand-Said, CACB
Executive Director