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Each member of the TAP Strategy & HR Consulting team individually subscribes to and supports the code of conduct and ethics associated with our professional designations and professional associations. As a private organization however, we hold ourselves accountable to a number of fundamental principles;


We maintain competence in carrying out professional responsibilities and provide services in an honest and diligent manner.

Legal Requirements
We will not knowingly or otherwise engage in or condone any activity or attempt to circumvent the clear intention of the law by which we and our clients are governed.

We will hold in strict confidence all confidential information acquired in the course of the performance of our work and not divulge confidential information unless required by law and/or where serious harm is imminent. We will treat the handling of confidential, personal, or privileged information with the utmost importance as it is core to the credibility of our organization.

Conflict of Interest
We will either avoid or disclose a potential conflict of interest that might influence, or might be perceived to influence, personal actions or judgments.

Professional Growth and Support of Other Professionals

We will strive to maintain personal and professional growth in our fields of expertise by engaging in activities and learning that enhances the credibility and value of our profession.

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