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Employees or HR Self-Audit.

For a no obligation, no pressure discussion about how we can help you succeed, connect with us by filling out the form below. Following our introduction call, we would be pleased to send you a complimentary copy of our Blueprint for Recruiting & Selecting Employees or HR Self-Audit.

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TAP Strategy & HR Consulting's award-winning team of Saskatoon consultants are certified professionals who not only know how to deliver on your needs, but also come with the education, experience, and strong business backgrounds founded in HR, leadership, and strategic thinking.

We pride ourselves in delivering high quality solutions, on-time and on-budget to business owners, executives and management teams, HR professionals and key decision makers in organizations of any size, in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.


For 17 years we have been serving clients across Canada including in the Saskatoon area with great success. The success of our practice is founded on the trusting relationships we have built with our ever-expanding list of clients, most of whom have been referred to us by existing clients who have experienced the quality of our work and the added value of partnering with us. 

TAP Strategy & HR Consulting strives to reflect the ever-growing needs of our clients.  We offer a wide range of HR services to our clients, from integrated start-up solutions to more complex strategic guidance - and we do so with a talented team chosen for their expertise in their areas of specialty.

For a no obligation, no pressure discussion about how we can help you succeed, connect with us by filling out this contact form. 

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TAP Strategy & HR Consulting serves clients across Canada and clients in the United States and overseas doing business in Canada. Our clients are from all industry sectors and size. As one of Saskatoon's best HR consulting firms, we can support projects of any nature using best-practices, innovation, and creativity to meet the unique needs of every client - on time and on budget.

TAP Strategy & HR Consulting is a values-driven team with the right combination of experience and processes to provide well-rounded solutions to your business needs.


Our goal - we strive to help our clients build their own capacity to attain their strategic and operational goals, achieve better business results and optimize service delivery, all while strengthening their self-sufficiency to develop, scale and manage their business and workforce.


Our Saskatoon consultants have expertise in a wide variety of industries and organization types, including those in the private sector, the public sector, not-for-profit, health care, technology, franchised operations, and cross-border businesses:

  • Our team will take the time necessary to get to know your business and your needs.

  • We offer practical solutions that are sustainable and scalable.

  • We are trustworthy and effective.

  • We are seeking long-term relationships with our clients, so we put personal care into the work that we do for you.

  • We have a solid network of Associates and alliances to ensure you have access to the best talent for the work to be carried out.

  • Each member of our team has the proven expertise in their field.

  • We collaborate with other members of the team to ensure expertise and knowledge is shared and applied.

Which of our services are available in Saskatoon?

TAP Strategy & HR Consulting's full range of services are available to clients in Saskatoon.  Saskatoon clients seek out our firm to assist them with everything from their start-up operations through more mature organizational needs related to strategic and workforce planning.

  • Having difficulty recruiting employees?

  • Looking to assess your compensation program?

  • Productivity or attrition challenges?

  • Need to rethink your organization's structure?

  • Need policies, forms, guidance and advice?


These are just a few of the services we provide as an end-to-end service partner. Remote, virtual or on-site, our solutions are flexible and scalable to meet you needs now, and as you grow.

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