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Following are the Terms and Conditions for purchasing the TAP Strategy Employee Handbook/Policy Manual or one of our Essential HR Toolkit Packaged Services.

Scope of Usage

The purchase of a service package or an employee handbook/policy manual is intended for sole use by a single business entity. It is not intended for use by any business that operates under multiple business names, across multiple business locations (unless owned by a single business entity and no more than 10 locations) or used by franchising or parent company entities. TAP Strategy & HR Consulting can create custom solutions for such clients.

Intellectual Property

TAP Strategy & HR Consulting retains intellectual capital ownership rights of all products and work produced for our clients and the processes and/or tools used to attain any work outcomes. The TAP Strategy handbook, agreements, blueprints, and samples are copyrighted products, and such copyright carries over to any form, format, translation, or media to which this content may be shared, such as with employees, Board members, customers, partners, or suppliers. The client agrees not to sell, share or otherwise distribute outside the client’s organization any of these products or processes used in their development, in whole or part, and understands it is for your organization’s sole use.

Login IDs and Passwords

Access to some services may require a login ID and password. At the time of purchase, clients will be provided with this information, unique to your organization. TAP Strategy & HR Consulting monitors the use of these credentials. It is the client’s responsibility to protect that information and keep login IDs and passwords confidential. Client organizations are responsible for any activity that occurs under their login ID. If a client discovers any compromise of login IDs or passwords or suspected unauthorized use of services using your identity, they must immediately report the suspected misuse to TAP Strategy & HR Consulting.

Limited Liability

The client understands that acting on advice or guidance provided, written or verbal, is at their sole discretion and thus assumes liability for any associated outcomes. Forms, tools, samples, blueprints, and products provided through this service agreement and contained on the TAP Strategy & HR Consulting website or TAP Strategy & HR Consulting online repository are examples/samples for the client’s consideration for use, are intended to supply general information, and may not be specific to a particular business or work environment. It is always advisable to have documentation that could or may be used in legislative or legal proceeding to be reviewed by the clients’ legal advisors. Should any claims ever arise against TAP Strategy & HR Consulting or its parent company 7320931 Canada Ltd. in relation to this work, such claims would be limited to the value of this agreement.

Governing Law

The services of TAP Strategy & HR Consulting, website and online content are governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada. Any legal action against TAP Strategy & HR Consulting shall take place in the courts of the Province of Ontario.

Cancellation of Service

For packaged services, pricing is based on a 12-month term. Clients may cancel within 48 hours of purchase providing no documents have been downloaded, and will be refunded only for unused consulting hours as stipulated in the service agreement. Any downloads during this period will nullify the option to cancel. After 48 hours TAP Strategy & HR Consulting does not offer refunds during the remainder of the term.

TAP Strategy & HR Consulting reserves the right to terminate services if the client violates any Terms and Conditions as outlined in this agreement, without refund. Such cancellation does not preclude TAP Strategy & HR Consulting seeking any other remedies TAP Strategy & HR Consulting may have at law or in equity.

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